Come to Dust

A MINOR COINCIDENCE: reading Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway, I was struck by the moment when Clarissa looks into the window of Hatchards’ bookshop and reads from an open volume lines from Shakespeare’s Cymbeline: The lines of poetry are from a song in the fourth act of Cymbeline. They are alluded to a number of other times […]

Remains To Be Seen, Snape Maltings

I returned today to ‘Remains To Be Seen’, a poetic, meditative exhibition spread over the site at Snape Maltings, showing the work of Paul Benney, Laurence Edwards and Kiki Smith. It is part of the Aldeburgh Festival and runs until 26th June. It is impressively curated by Isabel de Vasconcellos and feels very much an […]

Chatsworth, Arcadia, Now

The US edition of Chatsworth, Arcadia, Now, published by Rizzoli, arrived here in Suffolk last week. I slightly prefer the cover to that of the UK edition (published by Penguin), not because it has my name on it (although that is of course a factor), but because it shows one of my favourite views of […]